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Extending Hope, Expecting Peace and Extolling Justice

Bible Study

Each week Extravagance UCC hosts a virtual Bible Study via zoom.us called:  Transformed by Scripture.

Thin Places

The term “thin places” emerged from ancient Celtic spiritually to describe places where the veil between this world & the eternal world is thin. 

Open and Affirming

Extravagance UCC is a geographically dispersed, online faith community, that welcomes persons of all faith traditions or none, ages, races, nationalities, sexual orientations, gender identities & expressions, family configurations, economic abilities, and mental and physical capacities. Digital natives, immigrants, ex-pats and refugees are welcome.

Recent Posts

Take the High Road

That troublesome co-worker, that difficult project, the noisy neighbor…all these situations are opportunities for you to exercise strength and to grow into your highest self. When you walk away instead of fighting, when you hold your tongue instead of arguing, when you smile in the face of hardship-you are taking the high road and the high road is always the better road.

Love Iran?

How are people of faith to respond to the recent agreement between the world’s countries and Iran on curbing nuclear development for the lifting of sanctions?

The Quest for Equality Demands Our All

Celebration of the U.S. Women’s Soccer championship can also raise our awareness of inequalities in women’s compensation and continued issues of women’s treatment and rights.

Connect with Extravagance UCC at the UCC General Synod 2015

Where can you connect with Extravagance this summer? The ministers of Extravagance UCC...

Reflections on the Mystery of Christ – General Synod 2015

As the United Church of Christ prepares to begin the 2015 General Synod in Cleveland,...

Imagine Lent

Mundane experiences of every day life open the window to the profound. To see the holy,...

13 Ideas For Practicing the Presence of God

During Lent many of us Jesusy types look for ways to be intentional about practicing the...

Making Sense of “The End”

Some people believe that “the end” is already upon us and that marginalized people have been experiencing “the end of the world, as we know it” for quite some time.

Wandering in the Wilderness: Body and Soul

What is it about the immediacy of one of these physical undertakings — whether you’re running a marathon or washing a large pile of dishes by hand, or shoveling snow — that is profoundly grounding and centering?

White People: What can YOU do to show #BlackLivesMatter?

In this season of Advent waiting, we are not going to sit idly by and wait for Jesus to come again. We are going to live into his vision of Kin-dom that breaks down these systems of oppression through the power of relationships. Will you join us, white people?