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Extending Hope, Expecting Peace and Extolling Justice

Bible Study

Each week Extravagance UCC hosts a virtual Bible Study via zoom.us called:  Transformed by Scripture.

Thin Places

The term “thin places” emerged from ancient Celtic spiritually to describe places where the veil between this world & the eternal world is thin. 

Open and Affirming

Extravagance UCC is a geographically dispersed, online faith community, that welcomes persons of all faith traditions or none, ages, races, nationalities, sexual orientations, gender identities & expressions, family configurations, economic abilities, and mental and physical capacities. Digital natives, immigrants, ex-pats and refugees are welcome.

Recent Posts

Transgender Day of Remembrance

The transgender community has made great strides in visibility and advocacy—especially in the last decade, but it will take more than just the transgender community to transform this society into one where all people can thrive and live without fear because of their gender identity or gender expression.

Reign in me . . .

It is time for us to ask, “What does it mean to be a Christian in a world that is falling apart?”

4 Points from the Evangelical Academy in Loccum

In the 20th Century, we had the discipleship age of church where we opened the doors of the church for people to come and learn about Christ. Now, the 21st Century church has moved into an apostolic age where we go into the world and live like Christ amongst the very people we hope to reach. The focus for the church leaders in Germany is not to educate the masses but to reach people.

Money Isn’t Everything

We can have all the money in the world and still be poor if the core of who we are is unkind.

Celebrating All Souls

We each meet people who inspire us to live, grow, and become better versions of ourselves. History is filled with so many examples of ordinary people who did extraordinary things.

You Are Good Enough

Each of us has something unique, special, wonderful and beautiful to offer this world—and that is the soul.

Get A Little Fruity

How do you maintain balance in the midst of it all? How do you not let the demands of life pull you in so many different directions that you unravel like frayed twine? Because everything matters until it doesn’t anymore.

The Grass Is Always Greener With Fertilizer

We often want what others have, but are we aware of what they went through to get and maintain what they have?

When there’s nothing nice to say…

Several colleagues have asked me what I think about Pope Francis meeting with Kim Davis....

Who Are Your Friends?

Iron sharpens iron: your friends should make you stronger.